Lodz for families with children

b_200_200_16777215_0___images_stories_aktualnosci_lodz_filemon.jpgLodz for families with children:

Lodz is the cradle of the fairy tales that perfectly knows the generation of our parents and grandparents. For adults it will be a journey into the world of childhood, children can admire monuments of figures such as Filemon cat or bear Uszatek. But not only that.


After check-in, we invite you for an evening walk through  Piotrkowska Street trail , which in principle is a main square for custom dimensions, it focuses on the life in the city. Other cities have "old sqares", we have "Piotrkowska St.". During walking along Piotrkowska street you can admire art nouveau facade houses, sit on the bench near statue of  Wladyslaw Reymont or Julian Tuwim or eat something in local restaurants. For your kids taking picture with joyful Uszatek Bear, beloved hero of small and large
audiences is the first monument to fairy-tale trail of Lodz. In the other parts of the city  you can meet Pik - Pok penguin,  cats Philemon and Boniface  and an Enchanted pencil.
Walking along look carefully under your feet.You will see The Avenue of the Stars. That’s why Lodz is called HollyLodz. You will find the name's of celebrities like Marek Kondrat, Krystyna Janda, Machulski and Daniel Olbrychski. On the even side you will see the names of directors, among others Krzysztof Kieslowski, Roman Polanski and Andrzej Wajda


After breakfast, we invite you to the Museum of Tales, where You can learn how cartoons are created, You will get to know  personally notables as Teddy Bear Uszatek or Colargol, and can create your own animation and watch selected  story.

The next point of our trip is a monument of Enchanted pencil underneath outside the Lodz   House of Culture , is another sculpture of a fairy-tale trail of Lodz

Walking trought the Piotrkowska street You will reach Manufactura. It is a  manufacturing - palace  complex of Izrael Poznanski, one of the richest tycoons of cotton industry in Lodz. You can see it in his palace, representing the eclecticism - when the architect asked him what style he wants to have the palace said, "I stand for all." In addition to the palace built by spinning, dyeing, plants and even the fire department. Now in these buildings housed retail and cultural and entertainment Manufactura. There, you can go to Experymentarium - an interactive science center. When Your little scientists will absorb and play in an electronic paintball, You can visit the Museum od Art or do some shopping.
An evening performance in Arlekin Puppet Theatre will be a perfect ending of this full of activities day.


On Sunday we slow down a little bit. For today we proposeyou walk to Ludwig Geyer’s White Factory. Why white?Well, it was the only  plastered building in Lodz. Geyer was the first in the Polish Kingdom brought the steam engine and mechanized factory. Now, within these walls housed Central Museum of Textiles
To enter the museum you have to go through the Lodz Museum of Wooden Architecture - see the first houses of weavers, but also the church and the Jewish industrialist