Lodz for young and active

b_200_200_16777215_0___images_stories_aktualnosci_lodz_stara_szwalnia.jpgLodz for young and active

Lodz is an ideal place for party animals, beside Lodz is famous of amazing parties! Therefore, after check-in we invite you to party!


Old Sewing - "Nasiadownia" is right next to our hostel - we believe that in before see a club like tkis one! Typically Lodz stage - a club occur in the factory walls

Bagdad Cafe - pub located in a stylish villa, where you will hear from jazz to electro, very frendly atmosphere that last almost 20 years.


After a plentiful breakfast and hot  coffee, it's time for sightseeing.

First of all you need to know visit  Piotrkowska Street and get to  know our famous "Pietryna" - a showcase of our city. This is where you will find all pubs, clubs and restaurants, but not only...

Freedom Square - once a commercial plaza, the heart of the old Lodz, now brim, but not quite ordinary .. as the only square in Poland has the shape of an octagon, and within it there are 4 museums: Pharmacy, Cultures and Traditions of Independence, Archaeology and Ethnography and the only Polish Museum of Sewage "Inner tube"

Walking trought the Piotrkowska street You will reach Manufactura. It is a  manufacturing - palace  complex of Izrael Poznanski, one of the richest tycoons of cotton industry in Lodz. You can see it in his palace, representing the eclecticism - when the architect asked him what style he wants to have the palace said, "I stand for all." In addition to the palace built by spinning, dyeing, plants and even the fire department. Now in these buildings housed retail and cultural and entertainment Manufactory. There, you can go to Experymentarium - an interactive science center. You will find there also  MS2 Art Museum, Bostn Cafe where you can sip coffee,  if you are look fan Tou can buy the book in a  artistic bookstore Small Letter Art.

Shopping – only in Maufactura

When you have finished the walking trougth Pietryna it will slowly start  the night life. Before the clubbing will begin we propose to go for a  beer in one of the original pubs. In "Owoce and Warzywa" You will know many interesting people from the circle of artists from Lodz. In the "Meta Seta Galareta"  you try Jelly Seth herring, drink vodka and  eat pickled cucumber. In the Bar Anna, which is the oldest  pub in the city, you can meet whole Lodz citizans, and Bibioteka Pub, it is a students Mecca, there is always something going on - either Monday or Saturday.

After 22 you can go dancing. Where? Recommended Lodz Kaliska - the most avant-garde club in Poland. If you would rather listen to some jazz, You need to go to "Impowizacja", but for fans of alternative music we propose You Jazzga or DOM, where for sure you will feel at home.


Once You will rest after yesterday voyage, grab Your’s cameras and ...

Priest's Mill (Księży Młyn)- a  manufacturint - palace complex  belong to Karol Scheibler , the richest industrialist of Lodz, Lodz textile father, who built his empire from scratch,  began from the palace and  spinning and ended at the factories, workers' homes, shops, school, hospital and fire station. His employees lived and work in his neighborhood. Their children go to school, which educated them on the future workers of the factory. The materials were shipped to factories in the private private train mounted, straight to its warehouses. And all this is in Księży Mill. Some of the buildings have been renovated and  now  they ale used by citizens , others fall into disrepair. This place is a real treat for lovers of photography.

Museum of Cinematography - the former palace of Scheibler, the only one in the country

State Higher School of Film, Television and Theatre name of Leon Schiller - a popular "film school" . The school was founded after World War II and is sowing the palace, which belonged to the owner Widzewska Manufactories, Oscar-Kona. This is one of the best schools for this profile in Europe, its graduates are, among others. directors Andrzej Wajda, Krzysztof Kieslowski, Roman Polanski

The  Museum of Manufacturing  Interior -  it's the only  museum like this in Poland  and it is located in the Palace of Edward Herbst, son of Charles, at Przędzalniana no. 72