Flamingo Lodz Hostel


The prices below may vary on particular days due to special price offers or high demand for the property. Prices per person per night PLN


Room type
Sun.-Thu. Fri. – Sat
10-Bed Mixed Dorm (with balcony) 33 zł 39 zł
8 - Bed Mixed Dorm
35 zł 42 zł
6 - Bed Mixed Dorm 38 zł 45 zł
4 - Bed Mixed Dorm
40 zł 50 zł
2 -Bed Private* from 89 zł /room
from 99zł /room


* A double sleeps 2 and a triple sleeps 3 so to book these rooms for 1 person only, you must still pay for the equivalent of 2 or 3 people respectively.

Included in prices:
  • breakfast
  • coffee & tea available 24 / 7
  • we provide all the bed linen,
  • towel (5 zł)
  • free internet access / WiFi in the lounge
  • free maps of the city
  • security lockers
  • information about events

In order to confirm the reservation we accept a pre payment in amount of 30% of the cost of the total stay, which depends on the type of booked rooms and their amout.  The pre-payment should come into our account at least 2 weeks before an arrival in other case reservation will be canceled.


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